supreme nachos 400G/500G

Our large packs of JIMMY’s Supreme Nachos are available in five distinctive flavours: Cheese, Chili, Salted, BBQ and Salted Blue Corn. 

Instead of using corn flour, JIMMY’s uses corn dough that is ground, gently boiled, and shaped into triangles.
This process helps to retain the delicious, natural, and traditional corn flavour that sets JIMMY’s Supreme Nachos apart from the rest.

Our unique Blue Corn variant is made using natural blue corn, giving a wholesome flavour and a completely differentiated look. Blue Corn is available in 400G packs with all other variants supplied in packs of 500G.

What’s more, JIMMY’s Supreme Nachos are gluten free.

JIMMY's Supreme Cheese Nachos
JIMMY's Supreme Chili Nachos
JIMMY's Supreme Salted Nachos
JIMMY's Supreme BBQ Nachos
JIMMY's Supreme Salted Blue Corn Nachos