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JIMMY’s has a comprehensive collection of popcorn packaging and warmers. Contact our sales team to discover the full range available and how JIMMY’s can help optimise your popcorn opportunity.

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JIMMY’s has an extensive range of popcorn folding cups, available in the following sizes: 32 oz, 46 oz, 64 oz, 85 oz, 130 oz, 170 oz and 220 oz. In addition we offer film themed folding cups, kidstrays and kids boxes. 

Our folding cups, kidstrays and kids boxes are FSC certified. 


JIMMY’s can offer popcorn equipment in all shapes and sizes. This includes the very best in popping machines, from 4 oz. kettles for home theaters, through to 52 oz. kettles for large cinemas and everything in between. We also have a comprehensive range of popcorn warmers, which can be tailored to suit your operational requirements and preferred serving style.

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