About JIMMY's

The family business had been associated with food for three generations. Manufacturing, importing and exporting is in their genes and quality has always been the driving force behind the company. In 1992, the current management board started with the popcorn product under the brand name JIMMY’s in Oud-Beijerland.

The objective was to make a high-quality brand product popcorn, particularly for film lovers. Investments were made in the market, machines and product innovation. The company has one of the most modern production lines for superior quality ready-to-eat popcorn. While sweet and salted popcorn were the only available flavours back in 1992, the choice has now greatly expanded with Toffee, Chocolate and Cheese Popcorn and the launch in 2006 of the All Natural Popcorn in four flavours: Sweet Honey, Apple Pear, Sea Salt and Smoked Paprika Popcorn. JIMMY’s Microwave Popcorn is also available. The popcorn is sold not only to film lovers but also via the retail and out-of-home market.

Our mission & vision

Durability means quality in strategy and policy. Jimmy Products’ existence is based on our dedication to quality. Quality sells a product and ensures satisfied customers. We develop and make JIMMY’s Popcorn based on this standard.

A first-class quality product designed for consumers of all ages, and film lovers in particular. In line with this quality, Jimmy Products sees durability as a necessary direction that quality development is taking. A development toward ‘nature’ has also made inroads. Jimmy Products would like to provide its customers with a safe product in a durable way. Product consumption may not have harmful repercussions for the consumer, product production may not have harmful repercussions for the environment and employee safety must be guaranteed at all times. These matters should contribute to the company objectives of Jimmy Products; well-being and prosperity are two sides of the same coin. At Jimmy Products, the focus is on people, nature, solidarity and innovation.

Product & Quality

Based on a company mission focused on quality, products are developed and produced that are characterised by their durability. From an American-oriented philosophy, Jimmy Products will increasingly aim toward creating a durable, natural profile and brand product.

Priority is given to durability of the product and the production process. Only the best natural ingredients are used to ensure the quality of JIMMY’s Popcorn. These ingredients are processed pure, i.e.: without using artificial colouring agents, aromatic substances and flavourings and/or preservatives. Jimmy Products explicitly communicates the ingredients and the production process on its product packaging to inform the consumer about the quality of the product. So everyone on a diet, with an allergy or conviction knows what he or she is dealing with. Suppliers and customers are seen as strategic partners of Jimmy Products. The common objective is product improvement; everyone has an interpretation of the concept of quality from his or her own vision.

Chain / International

As a manufacturer, you do not operate alone. Jimmy Products is also part of a production chain. Jimmy Products closely cooperates with its suppliers and customers in offering a natural product.
Jimmy Products and its chain partners discuss how Jimmy’s products can be made and sold naturally and durably. Here lies the mutual challenge. The process management at Jimmy Products will be determined by the way the business environment is dealt with now and in future. Aside from product-related chain aspects, Jimmy Products is also active in conservation. For example, Jimmy Products is working on developing programs to curb the use of resources and waste, the packaging agreement will be endorsed and recyclable and ‘space-efficient’ packaging materials will be chosen. Like economic interests, environment-related interests will play a pivotal role in decision-making.


Jimmy Products would like to anticipate developments by taking a leading position in the market. In this way, it tries to keep its various interested parties satisfied about the goings-on at Jimmy Products.

Jimmy Products is open to questions about the company and its operations is willing to explain it. Since Jimmy Products benefits from society, it would also like to give something back. One way Jimmy Products does this is by pampering film lovers in the cinema of the Emma Children’s Hospital in the Netherlands.